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The Tideway Code

    The Tideway Code

    A code of practice for rowing and paddling on the tidal Thames

    Navigating any type of small recreational vessel on the tidal Thames, or Thames Tideway as it is also known, requires knowledge of the river and how it operates.

    The Tideway is by far the busiest inland waterway in the UK which, coupled with a fast-flowing tide and many bridges, piers and moorings, creates a challenging waterway on which to navigate.

    This is the first edition of a combined Tideway Code – aimed at both rowers and paddlers – and follows many years of various, separate codes of practice being implemented in the Port of London. The Port of London Authority (PLA), Thames Regional Rowing Council (TRRC) and British Canoeing (BC) have produced this combined code to advise both new and existing users who plan to navigate anywhere along the tidal Thames between Teddington Lock and the Sea.

    The Tideway Code is intended to be a readily available and easily assimilated user guide. It has been developed by experienced Tideway users with recommendations based on a detailed risk assessment and the requirements of local and international regulations.

    Its objective is to provide rowers and paddlers with a single comprehensive source of information and advice about how best to navigate on the tidal Thames.

    The Tideway is a busy waterway and all users should ensure that they can cope with the expected conditions in a bustling tidal river. Activities should be risk assessed and undertaken safely, with appropriate good environmental practices and consideration for other river users.

    Safety will best be enhanced by the application of three fundamental principles:

    • Keep a proper lookout
    • Know and follow the rules
    • Show consideration for others

    Enjoy the river!

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